IMG_20160302_154401Hi. I’m Carl.  I tutor English. Students call me “Mando,” “Teacher Charlie”, or “Sensei” . We talk and learn at your office, a cafe, or at your home.

kakaoWe use Kakao. I send you customized “Session Notes” Voice Overs, Videos, Images and Links, there–for you to learn. Learn English with me, because: 

  • I have eighteen years of intercultural experience.
  • I was fifteen years in South Korea.
  • I visited Japan many times.
  • I have a method that is very much original and amazingly helpful, called Rhythmomnumonics, which helps you remember clauses, phrases and sentences without grammar (but I teach that, too).
  • Students, parents and educators say I am:
  • fun
  • creative
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • diligent
  • humorous
  • well-written
  • well-spoken
  • cropped-cropped-cropped-20121224-151756a good conversationalist
  • interesting
  • knowledgeable

I help  you with:

  • grammar
  • style
  • pronunciation


  • inspire you to learn!
  • I make custom lessons for you….

I am multi-cultural–especially regarding Asia and America (and I have lived in these places).

I use original methods to assist your progress. I offer:

  • voice skills (I’m a voice actor and comic)
  • listening skills ( I have near-perfect pitch)
  • drawing skills (I’m an artist)
  • I even even write upside-down (this allows me to transcribe notes for you from across the table, so you can read as I teach you.
  • I am familiar with basic Korean and some Japanese
  • I focus our lessons on your speech and culture.
  • I teach you the culture of English-speaking locales, so;
  • You you can learn the language comfortably and naturally.

The advice and attention I give you alone will build your skills if you listen to me.

I look forward to helping you.

Call: (516) 655 – 2478. I use Kakao and Line.

Dear Visitor, I apologize for the ads on this page. I have nothing to do with them. they are here because WordPress wants to get money out of me to take them away. I won’t indulge them.


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